Our Philosophy:

In Hyacinth we believe that the fun is in the company not the end game, therefore we welcome you with open arms regardless on your level, skills, or class to form part of this growing family, and share great moments while helping each other to achieve their goals.


Hyacinth is a LGBT+ centered alliance looking to recruit new members and grow, not only as an alliance, but as a group of friend enjoying a game. Even if you're not LGBT+ we accept you as long as you show respect to other members. We focus mostly on casual play, and enjoying our moments in events and the casino.

Hyacinth members can also help you level up your character/s and sub class levels by running explorations together, we can explain to you some of the mechanics, even tho we arent experts ourselves.

Requirements: We only ask you to be respectful to each other, other than that we dont require you to be a specific level or class.

If you are interested in joining leave a message or DM me in discord at ConejoKoke#0996. We will have a discord server once new members join.