"weapon swapping is key" completely bugged out, now i cant progress at all

i accepted the order for “weapon swapping is key”, i completed the order, and successfully turned the order in, changing the CO icon to a crown. the on-screen order prompt disappeared and i finished up my night. today i login, and the message “weapon swapping is key” along with an orange marker on the NPC returned, but the CO is still marked “completed” with a crown.accepting a new order does not replace the broken one, so can’t even skip this and move on because i don’t know where to go, as the orange marker is stuck on this broken CO. i restarted the game multiple times and nothing changed, some reddit post said to fix it you have to complete a CO from Astarte but that didn’t work either. i’m stuck

also i preformed a “check file” and nothing changed

Just to be sure, you collected the reward for the ARKS Mission that called for completeing that CO?

yes, i was rewarded, the notification went away, and the CO icon changed to a crown... and it’s still a crown

From this menu, right?:

alt text

And if you go back into Main Missions, does it still show that one as active, or is it gone?

i have no rewards to retrieve. but i did travel to the casino and back to the gate, that changed the active CO another one. so it seems like it’s no longer bugged out. thanks for the ideas ❤ hope when i login next it doesn’t happen again, fingers crossed