"weapon swapping is key" completely bugged out, now i cant progress at all

i can not access the support function on this site, it just makes me login over and over and over so maybe someone here can help: i accepted the order for "weapon swapping is key", i completed the order, and successfully turned in the order, changing the CO icon to a crown. the order prompt disappeared and i finished up my day. today i login, and the message "weapon swapping is key" with an orange marker on the NPC suggesting i have not completed the objective. i tried to re-complete but it did not remove the current order notification. accepting a different order does not replace the broken one, so i cant even continue as i dont know where to go to complete new orders as all i see is the broken one. so frustrating. i restarted the game and same same. some stupid reddit post says to complete a CO from Astarte but that obviosly unrelated quest didnt fix anything. any suggestions? please thank you

I can't help, but i did that quest last night with no problems, perhaps the sever is due maintanence

@SpaceMonkey did you go in the main mission part and collected the reward? if you don't it won't continue