Did the Recommended Quest rewards change?

Before you could get badges, tri boosters, photon boosters, and maybe a few other things. Now it just seems to be Bonus Keys and if that fails, Unique Weapon Badges. Are they the only things you get from those daily boxes now? If so fine, I just wanna know so I can stop being upset by constantly seeing the badges.

I've got boosters today, an exp earned and a meseta earned. So theres definitely some variety

Well all I'm getting is unique weapon badges when its not a key, what the hell?

@Hatsodoom That's the RNG. I once had a day where all of my recommended quest rewards were Meseta +50% boosters, and have gone weeks sometimes without getting a single Bonus Key as a reward on the JPN sserver.

Then its insanely against me because I almost got badges 9 times in a row.