Support ticket, no answer yet

Well, i sent a ticket a 3 days ago concerning the fact i forgot my password to access the personal shop, i haven't received an answer yet.

is there any other way to get it back ? seems my ticket kinda got lost : '(

Unfortunately, all you can do is wait and/or send in another support ticket. In some cases it has taken a week for them to reset the passcode.

@AndrlCh thank you, i was kinda worried, my fashion is gonna wait a lil more then haha

... 22th July... no answer till now ... 2nd ticket about 6 days ago still no answer.

If you have a Microsoft account that you used to play PSO2 (or link a Microsoft account to your steam account), you could try sending a request with that Microsoft email.

@FANtasyStarOnline i used to play from ms store, but linked to steam, my mail is the same, there's a different support on the store ?

@Mathieu Steam is too new, but they don't seem too excited about sharing user data with... well, anyone, Sega included. Microsoft is shit, but at least the user accounts work.

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been a week for me. still no reply to 2nd password reset, also on steam.

Same here. Issued a ticket last sunday, still no response.

Same here but its been longer than a week now.

finally replied that they r checking for my issue, after a week. the answer fell into my gmail spam folder, check it out if u haven't any answer .. Well, i guess it will take another week before i can start trading for some frkin fashion ...

Same boat here I actually created one today wrote it down and everything after some time passed it relocked up went to enter what wrote down didn't work. Also steam here. Have like 2 tickets in for different things been about a little over a week for one of them so far.

I managed to make a hash of this myself, so I'm waiting on a reply to the ticket. Like a fool, I didn't notice the number placement shifted. Worse, turns out you can paste into the number entry box, so I could have typed it out with my keyboard. (this is how a friend of mine did it without issues) So I feel especially silly. I sent in a second request today, since I can't find a way to monitor the status of one here or on zendesk, and haven't received an email about it. So here's hoping it's just a matter of demand issues. (not great, but better that then something worse!)

@kknd If you went with a pattern that you remember, it's actually easy to get your password; the number grid when you create it is unshuffled and is in the order of a keyboard NumPad.

Also, if you have a keyboard, you can just enter your password directly with the NumPad and ignore the in-game one altogether.