"Player Support" page on website doesn't work

I am unable to click on Player Support on pso2 website (https://support.pso2.com/). I'm playing on Steam and when i try to click on Player Support, it logs out by itself and directs back to the login page or nothing loads at all. I tried again and again via different browsers and computers, still the same.

Big same

Does anyone know what's going on? are they on vacation or something of the sort?

I managed to send two tickets to reset my 2nd password. I just decided to try again, and it worked. This is kind of offtopic but i can't view the tickets i sent. I didn't receive a ticket number either. Am i going to get a reply? Where can i check my tickets? Or should i send another?

Edit: Nevermind i am dumb. Turns out they send a mail with your ticket number to your address. Guess i will receive my reply via mail too.

I just tried to submit a ticket with Steam login and ran into the same issue. Hopefully bumping thread to see if this gets any attention.

yeah this sucks