Polaris, Top Ranked Ship 1 Alliance, Now Recruiting

Alliance name: Polaris (hardcore, top ranked alliance in July)

Leader: @Ubermann (Discord ID: Ubermann#0666, Xbox Gamertag: Capt Crackbeard)

Officers: Hilljoy (GT: Hilljoy), The3rdRawkage (GT: The 3rd Rawkage), Captain Flavor (GT: Captain Flavor4), Ginjirou (GT: Strategry), StockSavage (GT: StockSavage), Shizukiii (GT: TomSterQaz), Jacquelyn (GT: PBJacquelyn), Igneel (GT: SiK Igneel), Anko (GT: Phillie8185)

Type: Hardcore (do a lot of endgame grinding and rare hunting)

Current population: 100, but removing a few inactives for active people who apply.

Active timezones: Assorted. Got players from the US, UK and other areas.

Alliance requirements: Age 16+, Discord, max your AP each week. Premium and a keyboard or way to type in-game are preferred but not essential.

Alliance description: Polaris is July's top ranked alliance in both rare finds and AP. We're an alliance that was founded on day 1 of closed beta for NA and we've since grown into a large, active alliance that runs 12/12 and 24/24 Ult groups/trigger chain groups; we have AQ groups and our photon tree is maxed on everything. Our Discord channels have guides for levelling, grinding, rare hunting, classes and more and we also host our own events, grind days and competitions!

We're looking for the most active players throughout episode 4 and on. A friendly and amicable attitude is what we promote and what we cater to.

Current # of trophies: 3 (2x gold from first place last month, 1x bronze)

Applying: If you want to get ahead in the game, then we're the ones to do it with. Please message Ubermann, myself (via Xbox) or any of our officers in-game or on Discord to apply.

- Ginjirou, Polaris Officer

Yes! Still recruiting! PM an officer today!