Personal Store Password Reset?

How long does this usually take? I put a ticket in 6 days ago and it said a GM got the ticket for review on the first day and I still have had zero response since even replied to the email they sent me too. Why is this taking so long? Is this normal for this game? Are the GM's normally this slow at responding to issues? Because if that is the case I would rather play something else. I certainly won't pay for premium if this is the level of customer support you get. I have played MMO's on private servers with thousands of people where GM's work for free and they respond the same day. Not being able to use the personal market is so annoying. Imagine being locked out of using the Auction House in any other MMO.... Why the hell did they even put a password on it in the first place? Why is this process not automated in the first place like every other password reset in existence? LOL!

If you don't remember it, it's probably a 5 digit pin. I don't know why they password protected it but I don't see a problem with that. Security is always good. Good luck with it getting reset though.

Imagine quitting a game because you can't remember the password you put in. You're like your own worst enemy. Though yeah customer support kinda sucks

I know it has annoyed me in the past, but those were mostly on me. 2FA has really been helpful to me recently due to 'data leaks' always happening. Reminder for everyone to consider 2FA due to this reason.

@Tri-Edge I didn't forget the password. I never knew it to begin with. When I entered it I used a pattern and didn't pay attention to the numbers because I assumed they would be in order like they usually are. I didn't know they randomized themselves on their own. It didn't even ask me to confirm the password by putting it in a second time either. Pretty stupid system if you ask me. I know it's kinda my fault for not paying attention but I was half asleep. lol

@Ranmaru Thanks. I am barely getting by without the market but I literally have to pick up all loot and NPC it to make any money. It's pretty rough. Hoping this gets resolved before I get to end game and need to start buying stuff.

You're welcome and I forgot it randomizes, so your frustration is understandable. They honestly should put a confirmation as well in case of mistakes like that.

Apparently, the initial number layout when you set it up is identical to the NumPad on a keyboard:

@AndrlCh @TrueBlue2020757 DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE YOU ARE A LEGEND! I FIGURED THE CODE OUT THANKS TO YOU! ❤ I was really tired when I created it. I thought I remembered it being like that and I wasn't crazy! But when I saw it randomized when I went to put the password in the next day I thought it was always like that or something. But I looked at my phones key pad and used it as reference for the pattern I used. So obviously it didn't match up. You rock man! 😄

ayyy bad ass