Selecting Return to Ship and Return to Title Screen Both Just Return to Title Screen

So the other day I was wondering why it is that I have to re enter my password for the shop every single time I log onto a different character. It is not like this on the Japanese client, so I found it curious. Today I noticed that instead of logging me back to choose the camp ship, the game instead logs me off to the title screen. It never logs me to choose ship select without completely logging me out each time I log from a character. It is my suspicion that because of this, I have to re enter my shop password every single time, since it is essentially logging me out each and every time I select to return me to ship select. Please help me if I a m missing something, as this has been driving me crazy! Thank you for any assistance with this matter!

I've noticed this also, wondering if there's an answer/solution to this or maybe I'm missing a toggle in the Options Menu? This only started happening with EP4 release.

This is an issue with the Steam version and it has been reported already. On MS Store and XBOX One, it still works as intended.

Here's another confirmation of this being a Steam issue.

Well good to know it's not on my end. It's a pretty low priority issue I'm sure, but it will be nice when it's fixed.