PSO2 Day Rappy Egg Farm tips and suggestions?

I'm frustrated. The last couple of PSO2 days I had time to play during, I played my Summoner exclusively. I only found out part-way through the most recent PSO2 day that Rappy Eggs will only drop from level 71+ ARKS Rappies, meaning the only spots that were really viable were SHAQs or Ultimate Quests.

SHAQs are fine enough if I can supply the capsules, so I want to know any tips people might have for preparing for a PSO2 day and attempting to get a Rappy Egg.

Most importantly, are SHAQs the best way to go about things? If so, which SHAQs are best for each capsule type (D, E, and F). I know Floating Facility is a good one for D capsules, though that's the capsule type I'm short on at the moment. My cup runneth over with E and F capsules at the moment so I could do some prep for the next 10 days or so.

Since the drop chance is so low I'd presume boosters aren't the greatest investment (400% of 1% is still only another 4% bonus).

Any particular strategies? Does anyone put together groups to try for ARKS rappies?

I'm hoping the Rappy Fever bonus quest will spawn ARKS rappies if used on PSO2 day, which would be killer, but I have yet to get any bonus keys other than Tokyo Silver and Gold from Dailies/weeklies.

Any tips or theories can help! Thanks a bunch!

PSE Bursts on Abandoned Mine SH especially Zone 2 (you get Rappy emergency code there sometimes), or FF SH. And perhaps this from another thread:

@HarmlessSyan said in PSO 2 day continues to get worse and worse:

There were some tricks to farm ARKS rappy on JP, not sure if it works on NA. On one of the underground mineshaft maps, there's a flag for Rappy spawn very close to the spawn point - you just move around for like 30 seconds trying to pop it - if you can't pop it, just reload a new map and try again.


Interesting. I know Floating Facility is D capsule for SH. I'll check if Abandoned Mine is E or F and then I can wrap that into a rotation to keep flush with appropriate capsules for farming.

It'd get tedious doing that other method, but it looks like, if it still works, it'd be something to try.

Also, I'm hoping that within a week of the 22nd (or the 2nd of next month) I can get a Rappy Fever Bonus Key, as that would probably be a good spattering of Rappies all at once.