Steam version of PSO2 missing majority of items from market search function.

Don't know why, but the steam version can't search up all the items even when they're up for sale.

Great example of me wanting to buy Konosuba emote 3, but says it didn't exist on the market. I switch over to Xbox and I found the items like they were never even gone.

Pretty sure this is a big bug.

Did you search the exact name, 512: Konosuba 3? This game's search function isn't good. I don't know for sure, but I think the item database file is mostly empty since it's stored locally, the Steam release is quite new, and maybe it gets populated by looking at the Scratch Prize List or other players with it, and definitely when viewing it in shops. I just tried searching on the Steam version with part of the name via the item name search on the side, also didn't show up (likely missing in database file), but putting in the full name and doing a full "Search by Price" brought up the results. Afterward, doing a partial item name search brings up that as the result (likely because it was added to the database when viewed in the shop), but not any of the other Konosuba emotes. So the database seems item by item, no matter how similar the names are. So it's not really a bug just poorly designed. It's the same in JP and has been so for years, but really they should improve this search function, it needs it.

Yep that's correct. Items are cached locally, if your client install hasn't seen the item then it won't show in Candidate Search (after clicking Search to the right of the Item Name text box).

If you type the item's name exactly as it is in-game and click the search buttons at the bottom of the window (ex: Search by Price) then it should find the item even if it's not in the candidate search results. The spelling and punctuation must completely match to use the search buttons at the bottom of the product search window.

It doesn't help for those on PC that Microsoft and Steam release use different document save locations, can just copy everything over though including that file (it gets reset in time anyway though), or create a Symbolic link folder.