School uniform?

Hello, I've been looking everywhere and I couldn't find any outfit or layered wear that resembles a school uniform (for female). None. Does it actually exists or am I looking for something that's not implemented yet?


There only one that has been added is Student Style Replica and its variants from the SEGA Legacy AC Scratch, but those have combat-style accessories on them.

I suppose this is not what you're looking for, but Phantasy Star Online 2 -The Animation's Heroine Edition- bundle also has an uniform set.

The global site announcement only shows each items, so citing JP site page to show how it looks in whole.

Yes, seems that the Seiga Winter Uniform is the closest thing to what I'm looking for, yet it's not exactly what I want. Thanks for answering!!

There's also the Persona stuff coming out. Maybe you'll find something you're looking for in that?