@BronzeAgeBrain said in Class choice:

Bouncer or Gunner are going to be my recommendations.

Bouncer has a lot of depth considering it does a little bit of everything. Both of its weapons (Boots and Soaring Blades) are useful, and it can/should be casting Techs every once in a while. It has a high skill ceiling, but you also won’t get rolled if you just throw things out there.

Gunner is likewise very versatile, but sticks to one weapon. It is a high risk, high reward class that rewards mastery of dodge timing and mastery of its seemingly endless supply of useful PA’s, while still affording the player a level of security through range if you need it. Nevertheless, it is NOT a range class in that sense. The class is designed to excel at damage output at close range given perfect to near perfect play.

Braver IMO is a fine class as well, but it also happens to be the most popular, meaning you pay sometimes 2-3 times the rate for equipment (or more) than other classes do.

That eliminates braver for me. I don't like playing the most popular class aside from equip cost. Thanks for the info.

And thanks to everybody for their input. I've narrowed it down to bouncer or ranger.