Class choice

So I'm stuck deciding between Braver, Bouncer, Ranger and Gunner.

I like mobility with fast paced and flashy attacks and prefer melee but I kinda like Ranger too so that's an exception. I would prefer to focus on one weapon and not have to swap so often if possible.

What would you suggest as a new player and why? Thank you!

I'd give all of them a try if I were you. You can switch classes freely in the gate area, so it isnt really a big deal which you pick first.

Braver for melee, I really enjoyed that starting out. You might want to consider Braver then Bouncer for the Dex Class Boosts. (Max to 75 for class boost) Down the line you can try out Hunter, Melee focused and can do just fine with just one weapon. (Sword)

Like Yin said, you can also just try each and see what fits for you.

One thing, I know you haven't mentioned hunter but I advise leveling it as soon as you can because you can use it as a strong sub class when leveling other classes. Also, hunter's wired lance is a great weapon for fair damage, crazy mobility and great range for a melee weapon. As for the classes you mentioned, all of them have good weapons. Even ranger has photon arts that give you lots of mobility. Mostly on rifle.

Also another thing I've realized: Most of the classes are enjoyable! It's hard to really consider a main due to that. So I think it depends on which category you'd prefer to use more at first. (For me I always enjoy being up close and personal, so I always main Melee mostly)

As long as you have Ranger as a sub or a main you can keep using the guns you like to use without losing any of the attack skills you learned from it.

You can have a braver and/or bouncer on one character with a DEX mag, and then a ranger or gunner on another with a RNG mag easy.

@GiftOfGab3 Out of them 3 for me the ranger just melts enemies, the bouncer is SO much fun.

Your going to have plenty of time to check out all the classes and make your decision. Based on what you state your style is, it sounds like Bouncer you would enjoy most. High mobility, melee support hybrid with flashy pas. Your going to have to level other things for sub classes and if you want to chase titles for stats so you can try everything out. Just do not level other classes lazy and use their main weapon. Tons of people are doing it wrong and just use all class weapons.

@Yin said in Class choice:

so it isnt really a big deal which you pick first.

Unless you feed your mag that is.

@Mattwo7 not really, in the moment they will affect the classes but when Scion classes come what you choose to do with the mag won't affect anything

@Jamesmor Only if you choose to play them.

What I do is just get four mags. One for Melee, one for Range, one for Tech, and one for Dex. I guess anything extra is for any hybrid you want to use.

Bouncer or Gunner are going to be my recommendations.

Bouncer has a lot of depth considering it does a little bit of everything. Both of its weapons (Boots and Soaring Blades) are useful, and it can/should be casting Techs every once in a while. It has a high skill ceiling, but you also won’t get rolled if you just throw things out there.

Gunner is likewise very versatile, but sticks to one weapon. It is a high risk, high reward class that rewards mastery of dodge timing and mastery of its seemingly endless supply of useful PA’s, while still affording the player a level of security through range if you need it. Nevertheless, it is NOT a range class in that sense. The class is designed to excel at damage output at close range given perfect to near perfect play.

Braver IMO is a fine class as well, but it also happens to be the most popular, meaning you pay sometimes 2-3 times the rate for equipment (or more) than other classes do.

I think cost shouldn't matter if you find the class enjoyable, but it is something to keep in mind resource wise.