Award EXP for Emergency Codes / Boss Kills even if the player is dead.

PSO2 doesn't give EXP to dead players. Unlike FFXIV, which does. To combat AFKers in multi-parties, kick players who have been dead for a certain amount of time back to their campship.

This is a good idea. The problem is urgent quests happen so fast that it would be hard to decide on a fair time to kick people back to the camp ship.

I've had to wait awhile at the keyboard for a rez. For fear that if I go back to the camp ship I'll miss the kill as well. Then it just compounds from there. The longer you wait the more you're inclined to keep waiting.

So, I guess I'm just saying you can also miss exp by going back to the camp ship for fear of not getting rezzed after a certain amount of time. If you lower the rez timer too much.

I'm mainly suggesting an AFK transport for dead people for "Multi-Party" zones where people can AFK as people do exploration/etc. (IE: raw grinding out emergency codes/etc. prior to "Level-Up" quests being a thing.)

ah I read that wrong sorry.

Yeah, you can AFK in mission areas indefinitely as long as they don't have a timer for the quest.

isn't there already a return to campship death timer? I could be wrong. I suppose that's not the main issue here though and a little off-topic

anyway, I agree whole-heatedly I've missed exp in lots of situations from being dead when a boss dies.

I think it'd be nice. Sometimes it happens so fast or at the last second (Like how you can die from explosions...) and then miss out despite helping out the entire time.

I don't think the AFK issue happens too often so it shouldn't be a huge issue.