Unable to preview Fresh Finds shop

IS any one else having this problem I am unable to preview the fresh finds shop. Every time I click on it ; it just gives me the option to buy SG which I don't mind...if I like the item!!! I just wanna see how it look s first >_<!

@Silverocean Yeah, it seems to be an oversight based on how the Fresh Finds Shop works. Basically, unless you have enough SG to buy it, you can't select it to bring up the preview window.

@AndrlCh you are kidding me right? lol whats the point of the preview then? You wouldn't happe nto know any other ways to preview fresh finds stuff then would ya?

@Silverocean Yeah, it's dumb, but it is the way it is right now.

As to if there is another way, @SaviorZero82 has taken up previewing the Fresh Finds items over in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings thread; I know it's not an in-game option, but it is good to know people are making up for some of the game's shortcomings.

I just now realized where this was posted, and yeah the needing the SG is dumb for sure and I hope they see that and fix it, not everyone will throw money at the game just to see a preview of an item...

@AndrlCh I’m using the in game preview system to do this, unless I actually buy an item myself, I am no real substitute for @Fiona-Respha At all, I don’t go as in depth as they did ^^ but I do a post on 2 discord’s and 5 Facebook groups and when I was ready to stop I was asked by over 100 people to keep doing them cuz they could make decisions while they were at work or not able to get on, I for one will miss @Fiona-Respha posts but they will most definitely give input and slap me if I get something wrong ^^