Add Spanish Language

Hello, I am from Argentina and I started playing the game recently and I hardly understand English and I would like if you can add Spanish since many people who speak this language get confused.

Can anyone tell me when it switched from PSO2 NA to PSO2 Global?

@DankNugs9429 With the release of the Steam version last week.

Yes with the release on steam

That's more confusing since there's a bunch of people on Steam who's countries are blocked O_o

When the threads first opened up about it, I checked the website and it specifically stated access was for US and Canada, but now that line has been deleted from the bottom of the website yet those folks on Steam are still blocked. I wasn't even aware it was moving to a global release. 😛

While i think adding new languages would be good (My friend for example has a lot of difficulty playing because of english-only), i think SEGA could do something that would do good for them and for the game.

They could give the lines, and make a event that gives AC for the community, people would translate that, and the best translations would receive the prize. Or they could just get some people and translate the game, but i doubt that...