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Greetings, my name is Sword.

Are you a bit lost? Need some help adjusting to the varying degrees of technical knowledge that populates this game? Do you need advice? Are you looking for some chill people who don't mind answering questions?

Scions of Sword is an alliance based on the principal that if we have the knowledge, it should be shared to help those who are in need. We're a mix of CBT PSO2, Ex-JP, PSO, and PSU players looking to help others understand a series we love very much.

We are a multinational alliance that spans across multiple time zones, though our activity is highest from 7PM-4AM CST there is generally someone on at all times.

Admittedly we don't run scheduled content with our users, as we try to allow people to play at their own pace and enjoy the game as they please. Others may be interested in and join what you're doing, but no one is required to physically help others with missions. We are a laid back clan with people who do everything from lobbysit, craft, affix, and raise pets and offer advice on the subjects at hand.

We're currently recruiting people who want to teach as well as those who want to learn.

People will be routinely cycled in and out as needed to keep the alliance going.

Discord available upon joining

Please contact Swordxofxarm "MagicBurrito" on B-013 Ship 2, Sword420#0770 on Discord, or look up Scions of Sword from the visiphone.