Please don't leave low level players / undergeared players hanging in "Level-Up Quests."

@Wesley yeah, I'm sure that because a lot of us are on the same page of being relatively new that help right now is fine a dozen.

In general, I try to be as helpful as I can to whoever interacts with me, or with the group overall. I try to kill adds from the sides because it's annoying to be hit in the center. Yet, I don't think players know if others are lower leveled unless they are in the same party, or they check. I primarily use Hunter / Fighter, and notice other classes may be more mobile than me, yet I do what I can to contribute and simply level up.

in my honest opinion is always good to help others were starting out in the game there are new to PSO2 however some of us who are solo player including myself is very easy understanding how to get by playing the game when I first started playing the game in 2012 as a Alpha Testing and beta testing 1 + 2 they made the game more interactive with others than anything but since 2013 and 2014 they made the game more easy to grind then it was difficult to grind compared to back in 2012 the game is not really that difficult to understand. We have to show them what they need to do when ask a few questions let them know about emergency code which is good places to party up with players for exping mission and what needs to be done however we have to limit ourselves when it comes to helping a person because they'll be too attached and abused are help and they just won't leave you alone and I had the same experience when I was playing with Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star universe once you start helping a person they feel that their you're the only person they can rely on and they don't know how to rely on themselves. it's okay to help others but sometimes but keep your limitations when helping a person regardless if it's a question or asking to join a mission or go out there to level up some people expect you to carry them over just because they feel they did can't do it for themselves I feel different Phantasy Star online 2 is a good way to learn with experience and let them do for themselves other than that if it comes to questions and answers about the game I'll give my 100% and give them the information they need but I won't go out of my way just to help a person who can't figure out how to get a mission started our word to go the purpose of playing this game is about exploration and learn for yourself I mean they made the game easy and it does not take that long to understand how the system works

One thing i did do randomly was remind people to do the quests from the person to the right of the mission person. i forgot the name, but that helped me a lot an it gives the quests to get your mag an gather/fish, an everything it seemed like. And to only feed your mag the right items since it sucks to try and fix lster.

I've never seen any of the things you mention in my time on the JP server, and some of the points you make do not click or make any sense in the grand scheme of things as well..

4th Recommended (or Featured as it is called in NA) is extremely easy to do as long as you do not do it on the highest difficulty. Looking at your level, I assume you would NOT be doing that difficulty. I hope not, anyway as the other difficulties give an extremely high amount of EXP and can be cleared faster with weaker gear. I've never heard nor seen anyone leave because some people appear to be "new" or are "undergeared". It seems weird, even, considering people are there to level so they can use the said powerful gear.

Why would people leave others in the dust because they don't have Successor (Scion in NA) classes? For what reason, exactly..? What do you mean by that anyway? Are they just killing everything faster than you can, or leaving the Dungeon? Scion classes are more powerful early on than other classes but level out later around the time other classes are getting stronger so It's to be expected they kill faster. The leaving part makes no sense, as people don't care what class you use. They really don't.

The final part is the weirdest; Why do they purposefully ignore the enemies on the platform and make SURE their attacks don't hit them? Why? What is the point? I can see ignoring the adds just to do DPS to the Castles arms to get the run done faster to start another, which is the whole point in farming 4th Featured for EXP. ((For people who don't know, there isn't that many enemies on top of the platform and they also give barely any exp compared to the rest of the Dungeon so actually killing them could be considered a waste of time))

A side note for people who never played JP: 4th Featured are an amazing way to get EXP usually. Some Dungeons aren't worth farming but most are, especially the Castle he mentions in his post. The Boss itself gives tons of EXP. You don't even need Advanced Quests anymore once we get the 4th Featured.