Best Skill Tree + Sub-class for Hunter (wired lance Main)

I can not find guides with the skill tree for hunter with wired lance. I appreciate help-

Sorry for not being the guy to give you an answer, but I just want to say I'm on the same boat. I fell in total love with wired lances and would like some better running advice on a decent build. For now I'm running Hu/Bo because those are my only two 75s on that character. And having resta, anti and shifta on demand isn't that bad either.

In general, any Hunter Tree you find will apply to any of the three weapons you pick, just necessitating that you take the appropriate Focus Skill. The overall best subclass for Hunter (for now) is Fighter as it has the highest damage potential; if you want to be able to use Techs, then Summoner is best bet as it has good unconditional damage multipliers, and when build for a subclass, it gives you access to extremely good Stat Up Skills.

@AndrlCh Thanks. I'm assuming with summoner, you mean all those mega ups at the bottom of the tree?

@ZorokiHanuke Yeah; here's how I would personally build things for all three Trees, but in general there is some room for personal modification (like on the Hunter Tree going with Guard Stance and Advanced Guard Stance instead of Fury, or taking Iron Will instead of Hunter Physique and War Cry): [make sure to set the Language to "English (PSO2NA)" for the proper Skill names]

@AndrlCh Looks good so far. Sure, since I'm on a gamepad instead of KB, accessing the sub palette is a tad harder. And me being blocked from the Steam version due to region killed my dreams to edit the control config to add everything properly into that. Meaning, accessing war cry and hunter phys would take me too much time in a pinch, and would also make me pull away from other things like resta and anti. As a Hu/Bo, I DO have critical field which I'm always using on boss fights (by tossing it into the 0 key and actually pressing that 0 key on the keyboard) until I get either summoner or another more compatible sub for HU to use.

But since I do have some unused points, I'll go ahead and toss them there. War cry would also be of benefit to me in 90% of the situations I'm in, since I usually play solo anyway.

@ZorokiHanuke As a controller user myself, I would recommend getting a cheap, off-brand chatpad. It makes accessing everything on the subpalette so much easier since it is within thumb's reach.

@AndrlCh I would have gone and ordered one already, but with the current state of the world affecting mailing systems so badly that at least where I live, even electronics and appliances are extremely hard to come by (all stores are sold out of them), I'm holding back from getting one for now, waiting for at least a break, or until we finally see what our new normal will be exactly.

I change my subclass based on what I am doing.

I use Summoner for that unconditional damage bonus, extra HP & damage resists as well as the utility. Typically this is used if I'm running Ultimate Quests or too lazy to swap my subclass. Lots of fun when I feel like going dedicated Wired Lance attacks.

Working up Fighter for the damage bonuses and the 'my life as low as I can to deal as much damage as I can' style of game play. I used to use this style in the ARPG Sacred and it was a lot of fun to walk that line!

I use Force because for anything else since I love having access to all the utility and fire based techniques. It's not the most efficient, but to me it's the most fun!

@Frathlir HU/FI isn't going to get much out of the Halfline/Deadline skills unless you're avoiding Automate for some reason. Every time you dip under 50% HP you're just going to get healed back over it. FI/HU is another story though since Overload forces those skills active.