PvP was added as an afterthought. This is a matter of fact considering the design phiolsphy behind the Phantasy Star MMOs but I really think a proper deathmatch mode, as well as Capture the Flag and King of the Hill modes would be welcome additions.

The current PvP mode is frankly a trainwreck because kills can become a moot point when you die, making all the effort you put in pointless unless you kill the person who killed you back.

Only the most skilled players can make meaningful contributions to their teams, meaning anyone not skilled enough holds the team back, the lopsided nature of how one side always curbstomps the other kind of reminds me of pretty much every given match of Overwatch that I've played and the asymmetrical maps in Team Fortress 2 which were heavily biased towards the defenders except those games were specifically geared towards team-based gameplay with specific roles each character filled, which is really not the case for PSO2's battle arena (PSO2 in general does away with the so-called "holy trinity" MMO class system that TF2 and OW adapted) which just makes the whole thing even worse.