Best techniques

I’m a gizonde n00b. What’s the new meta with crafted techniques

I'm not a pro in anyway but I can give my perspective. Gizonde still is a good go to for general use, and to hit enemies that are not lined up neatly around you. Find a good super charge 3 for more damage cuz I doubt anyone uses it as a status tech.

Zonde 0 is one of my favorite skills and is really fun. But kinda situational. (turns it into a Ilfoie sorta)

Safoie 0 can replace Ilzonde. Going further, and a little cheaper to cast. But the targeting tracks enemies more; so be careful.

Rafoie Blazing 3 is stronger AND has and EVEN SHORTER (if slight) charge time.

Nazan 0 is a good damage.

Between Ilzan and Razan customs you probably don't need Sazan anymore, but someone can correct me. (Ilzan seems to do the same damage as base Sazan, if not more, and can be buffed to hit wider. While Razan can be buffed to hit 5 times (which if the 34% per hit is accurate boots it to 170% of it's potency) and get a nice 3% boost to the status. While Sazan can only get +200 potency with an increased charge time.

Ilgrants gets kinda slow but is a very powerful medium range weapon adding more value to a buffed custom Grants "hit scan" damage. while Ragrants is still probably best damage, being Close to Close-Mid range tool.

Girants 0 is REALLLY fun but situational given the PP consumption.

Ramegid 0 is pretty cool, but I don't think it's as useful for the force/tech archetype but not a bad stacker with melee techs while pumping out that dps on burn phases.

Umbral 3 Megid is faster! Which is great.

A lot of the rest seems like preference. Ilbrara is the one I'm conflicted on. I don't want to reduce the power in exchange for charge time, but also I don't know if I want to increase the charge time on something I need to land within a short window constantly.

More skilled vets can probably be more concise and accurate tho