Platform Transfer - Achievements

Does anyone know if I will get achievements on steam for things that I done on win10 version? Or I must do everything again?

Just curious 😮

You have to do everything again. For the class level achievements, you just need to switch back and forth between classes (not using Loadouts to do so) at the Class Counter to get them if you already are over lv30 on them, but for all the boss kills, you do need to go and do them again.

Yep, such is the nature of achievements across different platforms for online games with cross-platform play, regardless of what game it is. I wonder why though? Is it not possible to program a game to track these statistics and the achievement systems could just check the statistics? I mean for this game in particular, you have to switch to and from your current 30+ class once you start playing the Steam version...

alt text

Not like they're hard to do anyways...

I don't fully understand why the achievements matter, unless you get a reward of some type for doing them?