2nd password reset

I forgot my 2nd Password for the Market... Please Help

You can request a Shop Password reset from the support site: https://support.pso2.com

Sign-in if prompted, then select "Submit a request" in the top right corner, the select "Item Shop Password Reset (2nd Password)" from the drop down field.

Note that It has been known to take anywhere from a day to a week for the reset to happen.

I can't go on that site, it says restricted... Maybe it's because of my country but i live in Germany, and i also could download the game on Steam

It looks like there is some issue with Steam-only users being able to log-in to the support site. If you linked your Steam account to a MS store PSO2 account, then you can just log-in with your Microsoft/XBox account at the support site, but otherwise it looks like it is just a matter of waiting until they fix that.

tengo el mismo problema y no me llega nada de la compania de soporte estoy hatsa por dejar el juego ayuda porfavor

@xD4RKxWe3Dx Desafortunadamente, lo único que puede hacer es esperar.

@AndrlCh Okey gracias amigo se sabe si el mensaje de restablecimiento llega ? pregunto por que a muy malas me hago otra cuenta , si tengo que esperar espero el juego que encanta

@xD4RKxWe3Dx No estoy seguro si envían otro mensaje, pero deberías tener la opción de hacer un nuevo código en el Visiphone cuando se reinicia.

vale gracias espero que funcione...