I'm not asking for it to be brainlessly easy, but I think players deserve atleast a SMALL amount more leg room when using it. The crafted version I'm asking for is simple and a bit on par with Sacrificial bite's crafted. Basically better QOL. Some PP regen on hit, bigger range, and slighty longer parry frames, and a better attack pattern.

When activated let the ability basically hold in place looping the weaker attacks while draining your PP and if you land a perfect guard THEN it activates a finisher combo of 2-3 massive damage attacks with invincibility frames.

The parry frames in my opinion are a little too unforgiving. Sure it has good damage but it requires you to memorize timing too accurately for a game with such a massive roster of enemies all with widely varied movesets and timing to their attacks. If it was a game like Sekiro where the game shows you when an opportunity is coming then it'd be different, but a lot of bosses don't even have well pronounced enough animations to tell the difference between them turning to reposition and a tail swipe. A general rule of thumb to determine the speed that I think is fair is if the enemy is just over half way through their attack animation when you activate your parry then the frames should last long enough to connect. As it currently stands you have to press it almost frame perfect on the exact moment the attack connects.