Recommended quest reward "luck"

Anyone else having terrible luck on these recently? For the past three days I've gotten almost nothing but Unique Weapon Badges. 8/9 missions with the only non-badge being a Tokyo Silver Key. It's stuff like this that make me think things are bugged. I know it's not, but I mean come on what are the odds? I didn't get this many of the dang things before the EP4 update. Anyway just wanted to vent, sorry bout that.

Want not for the desire sensor hates everyone.

On a side note, Puso Ni Comi does not get enough attention.

So far, I've gotten a Rappy Fever Bonus Key and a The Harbinger Gold Bonus Key from the past few days of recommended quests.

If you party up with someone with returnee status, you get 2 items instead of just 1 from the box at least on JP.

I been 2 boxing recommended quest since I fired up my alliance/team point farming account that I haven't been using for the NGS returnee campaign.