Allow no expiration on purchasing Mission Pass tiers

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Where do you draw the line, you also want the previous AC scratches you missed due to windows 10 errors? I had those errors too and like many just gave up and just accept the fact I won't get the items from those mission pass tiers, as it should be, timed exclusives.

no doubt. i get where you are coming from. hence why i deleted my previous post. kind of hard to touch on just the one thing like this when we could argue something similar for pretty much everything else in the game. LOL

with that being said... i am still NOT opposed to having ways we can once again get stuff from Mission Pass, or even Scratch Tickets and not just the AC ones. but i also understand the reason(s) why we don't. plus, it isn't as if SEGA as any real incentive to do this for players.

plenty of other games implement similar systems, and have a successful player-base. besides, this is probably the first game i have played with a system like Mission Pass where you can the gold/premium rewards without paying actual cash.




with all that being said... the biggest point of this particular subject is that the items obtained from Mission Pass are unable to be traded. i 100% feel that that is something that needs to be addressed in some manner or another.

at the moment? easiest is probably to just implement an item that allows you to unlock the items for being traded. i don't think it is so unreasonable to ask for.

worse-case-scenario? i would totally like to see them implement a re-run of any season(s) missed by players who were left out waiting for a PC release, or were too greatly hindered by MSStore issues.

I'd support this as well. Do you think they would also add the ability to apply a mission pass to a previous season if you have progress in it? I think that would solve some of the problems with missing rewards do to having things to do outside of pso2

So let's look at a few possible solutions to the problem, based on what's been suggested here/elsewhere:

A) A super simple solution would be to dedicate tiers 36-40 in each mission pass exclusively to revivals from older mission passes. Right now, tiers stop at 35, so it's not like these items would be replacing anything else, and it'd be even more incentive to log on and play daily for those who missed out prior.

B) Implement a method to unlock gold tier on older mission passes, and work on them in the same way you would the current one. This is what this particular thread suggested in the beginning.

C) Add old mission pass items to the mission badge shop. Another excellent way of bringing back old items, imo... but it might struggle with bloat over time, unless the shop were split into sections such as Season 1 items, Season 2 items, etc.

D) Make mission pass items tradeable.

Any of these options would be acceptable imo.

"A" sounds like a good option, considering that if you do all your Daily, Weekly, and Tier Missions, you end up finishing the Mission Pass in 3 weeks, with the last week's Stars going to waste.