Why the Profanity filter is a intended Mechanic for a M-Rated game?

So, i played first on the Xbox Live version, downloaded the game and everything worked fine, some people complained about a Profanity Filter on it, but it never happened to me, so i did not bother. Steam released, the Steam version had the Profanity Filter enabled (#@!#), so i sent a support ticket, because maybe it was a glitch or maybe something from the Xbox API that was not entirely ported correctly. I received that answer: "Thank you for contacting us. This is working as intended. We will look into the reason as to why it does not happen on Xbox."

It's strange. Now, i know, you kinda need a setting because not everyone wants swear words, and even racist words can get in it, but why we don't have at least a mechanic to disable them? I mean, like 3 levels of Profanity Filter: None -> Minimal -> Max, Where None is no filter, Minimal is the racial slurs and 100% prejudicial words, and Max is every single word on the Profanity Dictionary. The game is rated as M, it means Blood, Violence, Partial nudity AND Strong Language, so i don't understand why it has to be a Obligatory mechanic. I saw somewhere that the Japanese Version has the filter, but you can disable it, so i don't understand why they could not port that here.

I have a feeling that the profanity filter is leftover from when they had the game as rated T.

Also a work around is Tweaker as I believe Tweaker allows you to bypass the filter. Not really a solution as Tweaker is third party, but it is there for anyone who really wants to get rid of the filter.

Also, if you prefer launching it without tweaker, using Tweaker a single time will eliminate the profanity filter permanently (I don't know if it comes back after a patch) but launching it through Steam after running it once on tweaker did the trick.

I agree that the filter should have an option to be turned off, at least in the launcher, if not in the game itself, especially since the game is rated M again. Directly adding it to the game would require a bit more coding, as even in JP it still has the filter, and disabling it is not an official option that JP has. But, it should be easy for SEGA to program an option to disable the filter in into the official launcher, though unfortunately that doesn't help Xbox users.

The most hilarious part that I read on the steam forums was that UWU was censored lol.

I saw that, I don't understand why UwU is censored. I tried it in game, it really is censored. Though, one player has that in their name.

I have no idea.

It's probably the over sensitive twats who got too much power again.

It's kind of mind boggling that the filter even exists when it can be bypassed with a simple chat command(just look a list of em up on google). I'm assuming since the command in question isn't listed as its function specifically breaking the filter is probably why it hasn't been patched out of the game yet. But, yeah, can be done on any platform without the use of third party software as is.

*Edit: Use of a chat command was how UwU was allowed to be in the person's name to answer to @Home-Rowed's post.

@GuardianWorld Simply put, the profanity filter was something that got carried over from the JP version (though not many know cause the English fan translation patch disables it). Much like everything else... Online R&D didn't want to change that inspite of the higher rating.

@Ravness01 his name was UwU before it was banned

@Zeara Could very well be that was the case in that incident. However the fact you can still bypass the censor with a chat command to have/use a name that is normally filtered is another way it could have been done as well. Not trying to argue it, I've just seen other players that have had names that shouldn't have been possible and I got curious and looked up how they did it(I've seen people with text macros that also broke the censors as well).

So strange, the fact that my game download without the filter first time i played, and that it has a configuration file to disable it, but is not added in the launcher/game... Well, we gonna have to live with it or remove it i guess.

Now it makes me wonder, why Uwu was banned lol...

You can just delete the file the word filter is kept in if you know it.


EDIT: Oh also, there was an in game setting to disable the filter way back in JP beta, it was removed on release, though.