New Friends To Play/Hangout With

I know this isn't really the place to post this but I'm looking for new friends to play/talk with. I don't really have friends on this game and I'm a little shy to even talk to people on the game in general. Anyhow my name is Belfast. I'm on ship 1. I would appreciate it if anyone would like to be friends. I hope we can get along well.

Hi Yumeko 😄 if you are not in an alliance, come join our alliance Team Happy (Honors will be merging with them), we are nice people. We hang out at b14, just tell them you heard from Xaiyeon ^_^

Heyo, me and my GF always duo we have not been successful with Alloances. Feel free to find me in game Yukemo, we on our road to get everything 80.

Pulptenks is the name!

@Yumeko1808 i am looking for some contacts in arks since i went mercenary after the war Dm me

@Kwars01 I'd be happy to be another contact for you! My ID is 10236244