is there a way to get chainsawd i mean like if its even in the game? or will it ever be?

This is a case of "it was an OT weapon on the JPN server that was never made into an NT," so outside of the possibility of us getting the *Chainburg camo (a black and red recolor of Chainsawd), the odds seem low that we will ever get several weapons, like the Chainsawd.

that makes me sad and what is OT?

@ZeroAlvein OT is Old Type. Basically, on the JPN server, before Episode 4, weapons used an enhancement system like units (up to +10 and the grind could fail, dropping the grind level back down). NT, or New Type, is the enhancement system that superceded it afterwards, and these are the only type that were added to the NA/Global version. This means that we don't get a lot of weapons that were only OT.

k thx for all info i have no more questions

Wow... I was here to ask about Chainsawd too, and Primera Fiore. If no NT counterpart, any OT weapon isn't in the game... This version of the game IS a gutted one. Back to JP I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯

@Nikbis this just such a downgrade like 2 versions of the game and u hope that the on difference will be language but then that 1 god damn thing u want to be in version more friendly to u is just not there and wont ever be wtf that is biggest scam i ever suffered

i started to play pso2 NA just to use that bloody chainsawd and now its like even so we got what we wanted (pso2 in english without just like any other mmo) turns out it miss big part of what made it so awesome to us

i dont blame any1 and i dont accuse any1 of anything but if i can describe how i feel i would say scammed and cheated