Windows 10 version won't download. Trying to link account to Steam

As above, the Windows 10 version of the game won't download. Keeps giving me an error on the Microsoft Store page. I can't get the code to link my accounts if I can't download a second copy of the game.

When I look at the error details, it says Windows Update is disabled, which it's not. Not sure why Windows Update has anything to do with it in the first place.

Your best bet is to use the PSO2 Tweaker to download the MS Store version. As long as you follow all the instructions for using it to a T, you should be able to install the MS Store version, get your code, link to Steam, then delete the MS Store version with no issue.

@AndrlCh What a hassle. Shouldn't even need a second download of the game just to link.

You need to run the computer in developer mode for Tweaker? Yeah, I'll just wait for the devs to fix it. If they want to make money, it's on them. Not me.

Yeah, can't deny that the account linking procedure is quite frankly, sloppy to say the least. When Destiny 2 moved from BattleNet to Steam, all anyone had to do to move, was to go to their website, and login with bnet and Steam, it was done in 2 seconds. This website already lets you log in with both, they have the base login procedure done here already I'm not sure why they didn't just put it in the website like most games would do.

As for Windows Update, windows update and the windows store all the use same backend software for file delivery, so if anyone happens to try to modify windows update to try to hamfist it not to update something they don't want updated or some such, it's very likely going to do things such as break things like the windows store for example.

It's pretty cheesy they did this this way too, since a huge patch arrived at Steam launch as well, meant everyone that was hanging onto the windows store version, planning to move, still had to install that huge patch before they could move. Glad I'm over on Steam now though, should be more stable than the windows store I hope, had that darn thing uninstall my game like 4 times.

The account linking system is by far THE worst i've ever seen for any game that has an account linking system..

If you're not even aware that the game is releasing on i.e Steam, like it just did, and you get it on a different platform like i did, on Xbox, you obviously don't care about linking your account right away because the game isn't out on your prefered platform. Then when the game does release on your prefered platform, you can no longer link it, because it's a one-time thing and after you create your char, that option is no longer available.

Bloody horrible..

Linking accounts shouldn't be a hassle like this, and should be made easy and userfriendly. This is just as bad as trying to get the game to install through MS store, which to this day still doesn't work. There really is NO excuse for this amount of sloppiness from a developer.

Still can't download lol

So, over a month later, still can't download the Windows Store version just so I can migrate my account. If this is how the game is being managed, I'll take my money elsewhere.