Crafting Shop missing -- Some crafts are impossible as a result

On JP the person that runs the swap shop runs 3 Crafting Shops where you can trade up lower mats into higher mats, get the free furnishing items for boost success rates, and Reset Discs that remove the customizations from techs and PAs (and yes, there are cases where you want to reset that, such as Ilfoie for damage).

These are all missing on EN.

The inability to trade up lower tier mats into higher mats also means that SPECIAL UNIT EXTENSIONS CANNOT BE DONE. Turning Saiki into a 60 attack 55 PP set is impossible because you simply cannot get the materials for it, as they require gold unit materials, but the highest you can get is silver for units.

The above also affects crafting of ultimate specific area Timed Abilities. You need gold unit materials.

Today's daily crafts want a craft that literally no one can do because of the lack of a Crafting Shop. It wants UL2 area crafts but you need gold materials to unlock them by doing UL1 area crafts. As such, today's daily craft is impossible to complete. (The other crafts need level 20 unit extension, and Kifas requests are the only way to do those types of extensions right now once you've unlocked them as a sidenote.)

alt text

Astounding really

Correction -- they're theoretically possible, but realistically impossible.

Kazuchi keys (which are an extremely rare recommended quest reward) can drop them at an extremely low rate. After about 5 keys from my friends 1 person managed to get a single gold unit mat.

So, rare drop from a rare key, that you have to hope people sell on the market. You need to get 26 of gold leg, gold arm, and/or gold back in total to complete today's daily craft.

As of right now, ship 1-3 have 0 of these materials on the market.

This issue with impossible to complete daily crafts will happen again on the 31st if this is not fixed.