The Screen Of The Game Is Too Big, How Do I Shrink It?

There's a major issue I have with the game when I was playing the CBT, the screen was apparently too big for the TVs I have. I couldn't find a way to put it in the right ratio of my screen, so I had to play the game with the top of corners of my screen cut off. Meaning I can't read the target name of monsters and items which makes it really hard when doing Client Orders that require me to kill specific enemies, but I can't see their names making me do a lot of guess work. Is there a way for me to fix it or will there be a way to fix it?

On Console, this is usually a system setting done outside of the game/application.

With FFXIV on PS4, you actually end up wasting screen space if you set the screen size pixel perfectly with the white borders on the screen size console system setting, since on PS4, the game's HUD can't use the outer edge of the game's rendering engine for whatever reason, so everything is weirdly spaced away from the edge of the TV by about 10-20 pixels.

It sounds like you have a budget TV of your size that doesn't have overscan options in the settings. Without a TV with that option, you can't fix it. Also, it depends on your TVs native resolution. If it is 720p, that is probably also the reason, maybe even 1080p. It seems the XBOX One version was designed with 4K in mind.

@coldreactive Okay, after looking at the settings of my X-Box and seeing how the screen was different on the start up screen of PSO, it seems like you were right that this is an issue I had with the X-Box One itself and something that I needed to change. Now I have to wait until the open beta actually begins to see if this issue is truly fixed.

@Guilrel I had the same problem, all i did was change my tv ratio to just scan if you have that or try the different options that might work. Also here is the thread i made during beta it might help.