Meseta randomly removed

Hi all. So two days ago I linked my account to play on steam and made a second character on the same ship as my main, both with the same name (figured not a problem since the game allows it). I transferred ~half my meseta between the characters so one has 4 mil or so, the other had a little over 5 mil. I spent around 250k at someone's player shop on the main (with 5 mil) and maybe 4k at an npc shop on the alt. Afterwards, my main went down to 290k meseta despite not having spent any more than the above, so I switched characters to check, the alt still had 4 mil. I switched back and forth a few times only to find that my alt's meseta randomly went down to about 270k a few minutes later. For the life of me I can't figure out why money literally just disappeared from my characters. I've never used any sketchy means, I grinded what little I had normally. I submitted a ticket Friday, no response as yet (not sure if they take weekends off), but it's honestly putting me off committing to the game if my meseta can just randomly be wiped and set to arbitrary values for no given reason. Any suggestions or insight would be a huge help, thanks in advance!

Bumping this post because it has been a week now and support still hasn't responded to my ticket. Before anyone says they're busy, friends have confirmed they've sent in tickets for both lesser and greater issues which have all been at least responded to within a day or two.

This doesn't just happen, you probably just accidentally bought something more costly than you realized.

@plamplight Nope, the item was listed amongst others of a similar price as sorted by price (of course it sorts low-high). I triple check all purchases, and that wouldn’t explain the similar amount disappearing from the second character which was only used to spend a few thousand at an npc shop which didn’t have enough items to cost that much. It very much did ‘just’ happen. Whilst the cause is something only support can say for sure, it was objectively outside of my control and most certainly not my fault.

It might be way too late now but you can go into your LOG folder in your PSO2 folder and look at the ACTION logs on the specific date you lost your meseta....otherwise just continue playing, 250k meseta is 2 dailies, if you start losing millions of meseta and you cant find the reason on the action logs, send a ticket or quit the game. Never happened to me and hopefully never happens to you again. My logs are located in MY PC > DOCUMENTS > SEGA > PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA > LOG.

@CosmicDiva Thanks for the suggestion. I looked in there, the values were as I expected them to be with moving to/from warehouse and purchasing items. Nothing seems amiss, there isn't anything showing an unintended transaction or movement regarding meseta anyway. I think at this point I'll just hover until support decides whether they can action it or not then decide how I feel. Thanks! Consider this answered.