the game is unavailable in my home region

the game is unavailable in my home region i wanna to play that game so bad why?

Dude you can play it since pc release, just make a NA microsoft store account and play.

If you're from Belgium or the Netherlands then I'm sorry because there's some lootbox ban in those countries afaik. If you're from Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, or the Philippines (where I live in), it's an unknown reason as to WHY. There may be speculation about the Xbox Live "supported areas" bs but I have one theory that stuck out the most: that they may have left those other regions on the side for now and probably picked them up after the Steam release. Dunno anymore but that's what I'm just thinking about it.

You don't say what your region is but i live in UK and can play.

@Scarjoshot i live in puerto rico

@herooftimex3ds You should be able to play from the MS store. You DO need a Windows 10 PC for it (no idea if tweaker can enable it on older versions so more info may be needed on that). But the MS store version serves PR, as there are others playing here from that location.

@ZorokiHanuke you're right, that's the only option for those region-locked from the Steam version, like me.

@herooftimex3ds , as of recently, the Steam version is not available in Puerto Rico.