Incorrect text in Custom Disc


See picture for reference.

Custom Disc shows PP Cost + 0. A '1' is clearly missing, as it increases the PP cost of the skill by 10.

Thank you.

@Furious This is normal. Custom PAs have different base parameters than their normal versions. In the case of Tri-Impact 0, the base Potency is 1127% and the base PP cost is 30.

@AndrlCh This is NOT normal.

Look at the picture. In the Custom Type 2 line there is a digit missing from the PP Cost increase section. It should read "+10" to reflect the fact that the PP cost increased from 20 to 30, but instead says "+ 0".

@Furious Basically, the Custom PAs count as completely different PAs than their non-Custom versions, and as such they have different Potencies and PP Costs.

Tri-Impact lv17 has a Potency of 1106% and a PP Cost of 20, but Tri-Impact Zero has a Potency of 1127% and a PP Cost of 30; the Type 1 and Type 2 modifiers effect the stats of the Zero version, so in your case you got a Potency of 1210% (1127%+83%) and a PP Cost of 30 (30 +0).

Here is a list of the Custom PAs with their Potencies and PP Costs, even comparing to their non-Custom version (it's from the Japanese version so you'll have to run it through Google Translate, but the info is the same for both version):クラフト/PAカスタマイズレシピ

EDIT: I took the liberty of making a quick reference chart from that data just showing the Potency and PP Cost differences between normal and custom versions (without Type 1 and Type 2 modifiers) of the PAs:

alt text