Wasn't sure I can fit all of this into a title, but I just wanted to point out a particular playstyle that I do when I play games like this. Basically whenever I find an healing item like a Monomate and I'm maxed out of them already, I use one to heal myself and free up a space for the newly discovered Monomate. I do this for pretty much all the healing items I find when I was full of them, even though I would like it to put the extra mates into storage, but I only do it for Trimates and the other better healing items because it takes too much time to manually place each one into the storage. I'm not sure if there's a way to do this automatically but that's a topic for another thread. What's important is that it's a tip to use healing items you find on the ground as if they were health pickups like Megaman or Streets of Rage. But you should only do it if you're full of the healing items you already have, otherwise just pick up the item until you reach the limit and use them when you think you need it like you normally do. Anyway this is just a simple way to keep your health at max while playing and not feel like you have to either skip the item because you're full or that you want to wait until you're hurt more before you pick up more items. As a tip you don't really need to follow it, but I think it's a slightly healthy one to keep yourself at the top of the game. Best of luck.