Can't play, disconnected from the server.

Since the steam launch I haven't been able to join a ship and play my existing characters. No matter how much I try it just says disconnected from the server

If you sure you did all that linking crapola correctly (which I can't help you with because I'm region blocked), send a support ticket.

@ZorokiHanuke I cannot even begin to do the linking because I can't even get into the game

I see. The usual steps, other than submitting a ticket (you should do that as they may be able to give more advice than me), is to check your connections, firewalls, your anti virus software and all of that. Now, you mention on your initial post that "since Setam". This means you were able to connect to the MS store or xbox version and now can't? We will need a bit more info on that to TRY and sniff from the outside what could be the problem.

@ZorokiHanuke Yes I played back at the microsoft store launch up to level 20 and am trying to play it again, but trying to do the link-to-steam process first but cannot even connect to a server anymore.

Yep, seems like a ticket issue so make sure to send one. I mean, you are not region blocked, are you? If you can access the PSO2 steam store page normally without any VPN, you are not blocked. So it may be something else restricting your access. Do you get any message when trying to access the ship? Or it just hangs?

@ZorokiHanuke I click any ship then it immedaitely says: Message - Disconnected from the server

I don't have that tweaker thing installed, it's pretty much fresh install.

I see. If you have not changed any firewall settings, then it's an issue you must work through ticket. Unless someone else in this forum has run into a similar issue and can help. Perhaps someone might know the address of the servers so we can run a traceroute to see if the problem is the server itself or any of the mid way servers that connect your computer to the game.

I had such a thing happening long ago on another game, and the culprit was a faulty server not owned by the game maker, but one midway through the way. I had to wait for awhile to see it fixed, but it eventually was. Hopefully this is a similar case, but without a traceroute it's hard to know.