[SteamOS ]I would also like to play :/

Why do you, SEGA have to use GameGuard???

Please use something that works on SteamOS, like Denuvo??? Denuvo Anti-Tamper is the current de-facto standard for securing DRM schemes on modern titles.

plz sega I really love the whole Phantasy Star Franchise. I don´t know how many hours I played it on my DreamCast.

Best Regards. //rZn

Since the JP game uses Gameguard and this version was most likely ported in the cheapest way possible, GG got ported to here as well. Would be nice if they did change it for you, but I really doubt they will go the effort to do that.

Also, Denuvo is vilified far and wide across the gaming industry as well.... Well, not. But a bunch of players do happen to hate it because some youtuber or twitch "pro" user told them the thing injects viruses in their machines or whatever. Most of the stuff most likely false...