Wait. Is that it? EP4

So was that the entirety of EP4? Do we have to wait till EP5 to see what happens to the characters? Kind of feels abrupt if you ask me. Or are they just staggering content in between EP 4 and 5?

@Senketsu7 It looks like they are staggering the Episode 4 content. We basically only got half of the chapters for Episode 4.

@AndrlCh ok cool. Phew, I would have been pretty letdown if that wasn't the case. Thanks

@Senketsu7 said in Wait. Is that it? EP4:

@AndrlCh ok cool. Phew, I would have been pretty letdown if that wasn't the case. Thanks

Lol yes. I did a mini freakout because it just cut off. Thought I did something wrong or it was gated.

@Riesz said in Wait. Is that it? EP4:

They really should give an official public response about this because I have not seen any public mention of this at all. They never told us we wouldn't be receiving all of Episode 4's story at this time, and there has been no word since we received this part of it. We can't even be certain if they know we only received only part of the story. I understand if the reason they have to delay it because of the current events in the world but the least they could do is tell us that.

The rate we're getting the rest of the episodes is pretty clear even though there's no dates yet, but there is no indicator at all as to when we will get the rest of Episode 4's story. They should have just outright stated the rest of the story will delayed in some capacity.

Not even JP gets all their episodes at once. We're getting story releases in the same fashion JP is. Outside of item release anomalies EN is just a sped up version of JP.

JP would often go for a month or two without story and then you'd get between 30 minutes to 2 hours of content when the story was updated. EN has a very accelerated rate of content release.