Alliance Tree watering

I know that you need to spend AP to water a tree. However,

How much "water" does each option give? And how much "water" spends? Is it by living? Is it by each player using a buff?


  • A Photon Tree can have up to 60,000AP worth of water.
  • When you first create an Alliance, the Tree has 20,000SP worth of water in it.
  • Water is depleted when a player takes a buff.
  • If I am reading my source correctly, it drains 4AP worth of water every 5 minutes that a person is logged-in with a Tree buff, for a maximum of 96AP for the full duration of the buff (2 hours).

Thanks!! Also, can I see somewhere the remaining AP of the tree?

@Scorpion-Matero Not directly. You have to subtract the "fill to the brim" number from 60,000.

Thank you very much!!