suggestion´s for our waiting time :)

My sugegestion is: give us 24 hours in 14 days to play 🙂 Thats enough 🙂 So every second saturday! I need this stuff !!! so can read log-files, can work after that 13 days again on the servers, and so on... so its nice, we help you and you help us 🙂

Thx 🙂

Spoken like a true addict. 🤣

I'm not addicted! I can stop anytime I want! I just... Wait... I'm addicted too. 😞

@mickschen I like his thoughts A lot

I started playing ship2 on jp. Wanted to know what to do when our servers come back up.

I started playing slots at a local casino to replicate the in-game one.

I've lost over $80,000.

Segac plz halp