[Ship 1] Adorable is recruiting! (Casual/Social)

About Adorable 🍑

We're a laidback, semi-casual/social alliance that focuses on making friend and fun, rather than treating a video game like a job. Despite this, we still do endgame content! If you've been playing solo and need some friends, we're here for you.

We do things outside of PSO2 often, so if you're looking for an alliance that is actively playing PSO2 24/7, we're not it.

What can Adorable 🍑 do for you?

  • A community of friendly individuals
  • Drinking/movie/hangout nights
  • An organised Discord for all your PSO2/NGS needs + more
  • People to play with and talk to, be it PSO2/NGS or other games
  • Experienced players that can assist you and answer questions you may have


  • LGBTQ+ friendly.
  • Minimum of 1184 BP for UQs
  • 18 years or older. No minors allowed.
  • Be active, whether it be in game or Discord.
  • Discord. This is not only a way to communicate with others, but also to let us know you're still around.
  • Socialise. If you're a mute who doesn't talk in game or discord, we don't want you. Being shy is okay, but perma silent is not. Don't be afraid to interact!

Sadly I have to mention this because I've come across these types of people in this game, but if you're homophobic, transphobic, racist, or in other words, a shitty person, don't inquire any further.

Feel free to message me on discord @ Lysergic#6969, or you can use the invite link I've provided to join the alliance server.

Please make sure to read the rules upon joining the server. Failure to follow them will result in you being removed from the server.


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Adorable is still recruiting!

Still plenty of room for new members!

Always looking for members!

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join Adorable!

Adorable wants you!

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