I understand the logic behind requiring two tickets to make cosmetics account-wide. And I'm quite happy to stump up the cash to do that, but the Fresh Finds store only ever gives you a single ticket and thus it is forever bound to the character you bought it on.

When I created my 'main' I didn't realise that CAST could appear human if they wanted, while also having the option of using their CAST parts, and would like to make a CAST my main. I was seriously considered recreating them as a CAST and rebuying the cosmetics i need to make it work; however, one of the defining cosmetics my character uses is from the Fresh Finds store and thus irreplaceable and not account-wide.

Is there anything I can do about this, or am I forever shit out of luck? - This issue is rather undermining my enjoyment of the cosmetic endgame and I'd gladly pay them real money to change race/buy additional FF item lisences. It's almost like they don't want money!