[Ship 01] Myriad - We are Recruiting (International/Different Nationalities) [New Player Friendly/Active/Strong Communication/LGBT-Friendly/Casual and Chill]

Hello! This is Rin! The Alliance Leader of Myriad Phantom! We are an alliance welcoming people from different countries no matter what your nationality is! We are interested in having casual fun in the game and chatting, having cultural exchanges, and learning about different countries, nationalities, and culture as we go on and learn and progress in the game as well!

For now, we are just starting and looking to expand our alliance and you can help us do just that! No required level, no required classes, no required language of speech, even broken english is fine! One way or another, we will be able to communicate with each other, heck even memes! 😄 Another sole reason for the existence of our alliance is to help new people learn about the game. :))

As you may notice, we named our alliance Myriad as we want to proudly represent our members coming from different countries but achieving harmony and unity through connection! Should you wish to join our alliance, please do message/whisper me in-game or join our discord page: discord.gg/tnnBV3P

Please do take time to know us and if you feel that this alliance is not for you, you're always free to leave.

Let's all have fun while playing the game and learning from each other! See you in Myriad!

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