PSO2, a game with an ESRB rating of M for mature, but "UwU" is censored.

Really, a chat emote that is used by weebs is censored.

Edit: It's only censored on the steam version.

Ask Lord Gaben.

I've always wondered why anything is censored in M rated games... It's not my fault if parents let their children play M rated games. Even if it wasn't M rated just make a statement that says something a long the lines of "Online interactions with other players is not rated". Problem Solved. Honestly I blame America's sensitivities. We like to think we're a progressive nation... We're not.

This shit is out of hand and needs to be addressed. Their priorities are with adding more predatory micro transactions tho

@DeeVa You want it to be addressed?

Mass boycott and sue them for false marketing.

Wait what... I’m running the steam version through tweaker, and literally just uwu’d (not in a weird way. He started it.) with an alliance member today. Is it only the capitalized version that’s censored or something, because the text came through loud and clear.