Introduce yourself!

@F0rmina-Sage Same here, no friends, but I don't even know how to chat with people!LOL! I'll have to Google it.

Started on JP servers Ship 2, stopped playing for around 2 years ago. Returned to this release to re-experience the building up from scratch, learning to play a new class and to experience content like Elder and Loser and beyond while gearing up during said content. Currently not tied down to any team (alliance). I enjoy helping newbies out to get em started because thats how i got started. Currently a Ship 1 player.

The names Zack Flair! No relation to Ric Flare. Bless his soul! I am very grateful for this game that I am happily playing on my Super SNES PC-that's what I called my HP laptop. I also enjoy playing my Switch Lite in the side and being home. I have many friends and family members who care about me and my health. So I take what they're given because I am willin'! But she said goodbye too many times before. I am in a good position in my life and couldn't be happier with my belongings!

Hello! My name's Ellie and I have experience playing PSO Blue Burst with my gf on the Ephinea servers for the past few years. Started playing PSO2 since the Win 10 launch and I'm obsessed! I play on Ship 2 and I'm looking for friends, maybe even possible alliance members lol. The community seems pretty chill and I've made a couple of friends in-game from questing. 😄

What's up!? The names True! My first Phantasy Star game was Universe back on the Xbox 360 where it all began. I'm on Ship 2, enjoying the game with my friends and alliance members. I've some experience with the game(Played a lot of JP) but I wouldn't say I'm the most knowledgeable lol. However, if you see me walking around in-game you can feel free to ask for help if you need it.

Yo! Forum name is in-game name. Main Ship 2 Alt Ship 3 (dr. bob) Played through ep6 jp ship 2 and got fed up with all the Japanese. took a break for a while. Long-time PSO player back to Dreamcast. Majority on Gamecube and PC. Recently Wow Classic. Love the game and im always down for AQ. Typically more of a PVP guy than PVE, but always attached to this series. End-game content is my focus and definitely down to grind o.O

Hi. I'm Queen Bowser. You may see me running around game as 'Bowsette.' Nice to meet ya.

I'm not so good with mushy stuff like this, but...

SHOWTIME! I play a ton of MMOs and I've been floating around hoping PSO2 would come to NA for ages. Finally, my dreams of being a techy looking Mecha-Bowser have come true!!! ...That said, I'll take brute force and a bad attitude over smarts and education any day, 'cause ignorance is bliss!

As you can probably imagine, I favor giant swords, partisans, rocket launchers, big bows, that sort of thing. Never thought I'd wind up using a katana, but just like the Koopa Kingdom is an equal opportunity employer, I guess I've been a jill of all trades over the ages. Feel free to hit me up.

I go by Killnode12b. I'm an Army veteran, family man, and a digital marketing professional for a fortune 500 company. My hobbies and interests lie in physical fitness and PC gaming. My favorite types of games are ARPGs due to their fast past nature and viability in being able to play in either short bursts or hours on end when time allows and still feeling like I accomplished something. I mostly game in the evenings when all of my other responsibilities are met for the day such as taking care of the family, house work, work work, and getting in my daily run or gym session. I love meeting new people in both real life or the virtual world so add me to your friends list and lets game on! I'm on Ship 1, but apparently Ship 2 is the place to be? Anyway, hopefully I see you in game!

Hi, all.

Call me Wilveren. I'm a casual, but enthusiastic gamer, and also stream as a hobby. Simply put, I'm here to make some friends, find some people to play with, and just maybe meet some people to have some fun times with while streaming. I prefer support roles in most games, so my main class here is Techer/Techter. I'm on Ship 3, and my character is named Lunar. Nice to meet you! = )

Call me Shadowen, Played PSo2 back when it's release in SEA. Playing it ever since it was release and when it was shut down, sad cause i spend quite alot of money in it. It got shutdown because most of SEA players play in JP and only hardcore SEA player stayed. So you could say i'am quite a veteran myself in this game. But since it's been quite a very long time since the shutdown of SEA server, I have forgotten many thing in this game so I just think of myself as a newbie.

Class focus on Hu/fi and Br/Hu

Hiya im Linah. I used to play at Ship 2 at the JP servers! At the JP server I played Fo/Te. This time I wanted to try something a little bit different (just a tiny bit). So here at the NA server I play as a Su/Te. Oh, what ship I play? I joined Ship 2!

I'm from the Netherlands. Yush Yush! So i'm a EU player.

Am I new to the PSO franchise? Totally not! I also played the other PSO games. (yes even the cards one) And im happy to join you all here at NA server!

Don't be scared to say hi when you see me running around. If its a summoner and pink...there might be a chance that its me haha...

Chu~ -Linah

Name's Vod, I only started PSO2 a few days ago, with a friend on ship 3. I had been waiting to play this game for awhile, and lost track of when it was coming out, so I started a bit late. Also, I don't own any consoles (PC MASTER RACE), so I had to wait for it to come out on PC.

I usually play Paladins and holy warriors of all types. This time around I'm gonna go back to my roots. The first game I played online was called Nox, and I mained a Wizard. For this game, I will be playing Force/Tech.

Some people may know me from World of Warcraft, or FFXI, and FFXIV, so if you recognize me, feel free to say hi.

My name's Wusscake and I'm a recovering vegetarian, I mean, I play bouncer/hunter on ship 2, and this is my first crack at PSO2. I've always tried getting into MMO's, but they usually fizz out for me, or they wind up selling out (Archeage, Firefall).

I usually stream this on Twitch at so if you're bored, stop by.

Hi! I'm Octopopz, as of this writing I play bouncer / still don't know on ship 2! It's my first time playing PSO2 after 8 years waiting. Slightly frustrated by the launch and the lack of communication but still extremely excited to spend hours on nested loud menus and slicing and dicing monsters for EXP and Items.

I miss playing with my brother, we used to play PSO on gamecube together. We always say we are going to play together and he is indeed playing this game, but I doubt he'll find time to play with me. He did just get a new baby after all and unlike me, he has friends.

In any case, if you need someone to play. I'm on MST timezone 🙂

Welp why not?

I'll skip the real name shit and say that I am a gamer dude lol,because I am. I am a massive RPG fan and I value storytelling and world building over every other aspects of a game. I play on every single platform and I got every major platforms currently relevant(except Xbox cause I got a PC).

I discovered the series though Phantasy Star Online Ep1 on Game Cube and I have been a massive fan ever since. I spent most of my time on Phantasy Star Portable 1 and 2 on PSP and have been wanting PSO2 for far too long like all of you.

my characters names are Sakura Jigoku(made her in honor of my PSP1 and 2 character) and Ryuzakimorgoth(my Twitch and Youtube name,don't look me up though,I'm far too on and off from making videos). I am on Ship 1 and maining Braver(bow focused) and Gunner.