Introduce yourself!

PC Player here. I go by Lorient in most games I play. MMO veteran but new to PSO2.

Majority of my MMO time was spent in Final Fantasy XIV, played since patch 2.1 and I was an end game raider before I stopped playing. I'm a big Phantasy Star fan, I played the original PSO on Dreamcast and played Blue Burst for a while when that was big.

I tend to play support classes in most MMOs and will be most likely maining Techer in PSO2.

Name: Firelord started on PSO Dreamcast, same name, Firelord human male.

A friend got me to try the Jap release back in 2012/2013ish. I upgraded my previous computer's graphics card and power supply solely to play and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the thought of uploading new English language patches kinda turned me off and I decided to wait for N.A release to play as I'm super into story. I'm currently waiting for the download to finish so I can make a char. I'll probs play off and on with my friend since we also play another MMO together.

I work at in the student record's department at my college and game/write in my offtime. Being stuck on this Microsoft Xbox account shows a different name, but in-game, I always go by Starflyer and I'm a friendly gal. Looking forward to finally getting in game after all these years!

Hi, I'm Allwynd and I can't play the game because of the stupid MS Store, because each time the installation gets corrupted.

I wrote that just before the Japanese launch of PSO2. I wrote it to remind myself not to be enthusiastic or even hopeful of a north american launch. The fact my friends on the japanese ships aren't really going to jump ship and join me, or me them also is a damper (Unless I misread that? Citation Needed.)

Thing is? It has a fun exciting setup. It has an aesthetic all its own and tries being its own thing, even if 'its own thing' tends to devolve into anime neon horror.'

Mainly I'm giving this a try because Microsoft is partnering this, and I trust them a heck of a lot more than sega to not just abandon ship because we are not of the home islands. I dunno if I will stick around, but I told a friend I would give it a try, and in spite of everything making it feel like an abusive ex tempting me back?

I want this time to be better.

@SordidSaucer464 said in Introduce yourself!:

Mainly I'm giving this a try because Microsoft is partnering this, and I trust them a heck of a lot more than sega...

I hope they do commit to support this, since the last F2O Multi-Player game they partnered with was Gigantic and it didn't end that well...

@Hyo said in Introduce yourself!:

@SordidSaucer464 said in Introduce yourself!:

Mainly I'm giving this a try because Microsoft is partnering this, and I trust them a heck of a lot more than sega...

I hope they do commit to support this, since the last F2O Multi-Player game they partnered with was Gigantic and it didn't end that well...

I'm hoping for better than sega has given in the past.

Hello there I'm Skyte. I was first introduced to the series with Phantasy Star Portable on the PSP followed by PSP2 and PS Zero.

I'm moorebounce. I have characters on the JP-PC server (Jazmin - HUcaseal) and the NA-PC server (Orro Munroe - HUcaseal)

Well, introductions huh? Alright, I'm Requiel, some friends call me Rion or Rion Requiel, but just Requiel will suffice here. I have played on the JP Servers of PSO2 for a while and also played a good bit of Phantasy Star Universe back when it was nearing it's end. Regardless, I am a Role-Player, a Game Player, and a guy who is looking to have a good time playing a game he loves. I know PSO2 started out pretty rocky here in the good ol' Northern America but I hope things pan out and we can all enjoy this game to the fullest.

TyPooly "The Retro Ronin"

"Force" Ranger (Main Ranger, with a bit of Jedi 'n it.....wink wink Ship 3, PC, Streamer.

Love the game, loving the combat, and glad I figured it all out in reasonable time. I barely notice "grinding" so my hats off to the team, made a MMO that doesn't get dry...

I don't know if you'll get to know me, so why not save the pleasantries for if we pass by ingame. Catch ya later ARKS!

Ahoy! Bippzy here. I go by Bippzy on most things but some games (like this and FFXIV) I try to be a little more creative than using the same name for characters. So, I’m on Ship 1, and my main is a Bouncer named Prisma. Haven’t made a girl character in a while so it was fun to try out in PSO2. I played a tiny bit on the Japanese version but eventually stopped when I got a new PC. I remember absolutely nothing since it was a long while ago, so I’m basically starting fresh. Anyone know of any Bouncer guides that explain things like Shifta and elemental charges for simpletons like me that don’t understand anything at all?

Anyway! A bit more about me, I suppose! I went to college for animation, but I specialize in character design and I draw a lot because of that. If you’re looking for anime-style art, then I am most certainly NOT your guy. But yeah I draw lotsa stuff and I like making characters and stories and stuff. Fun times. I also love doing character voices for all types of peeps. It’d be pretty awesome to be a voice actor someday, but for now I’ll stick to my artwork and building that succulent portfolio.

Hey Wassup, I'm Razielos in-game just starting out. I started playing Phantasy Star on PSP back in High School and fell in love with it. I like to think of myself as an artist of sorts... I make music haven't made too many art pieces for a few years so I mainly focus on sounds and things like that. Music is one of big hobbies and I'm hopeful to make it a means of income.

I mainly enjoy reading non-fiction, comics, Music from most genres and cultures... I'm hoping I can make PSO2 my main MMO and possibly enjoy it like I did Maplestory in the past!

Oh. And I play Summoner.

I bought an Xbox One JUST for this game. I actually had to call around 20 stores until I tracked on down! I am very glad I did, I'm loving this game. Took a little while to figure things out, but I'm enjoying this! In game I am Belle Laurent and I'm a Braver. Hope everyone is loving this game. Peace...


I've been a PSO fan since April 2001. I started with the original Dreamcast version. My first character was a blue HUcast named Big O (named after the eponymous anime that aired on Toonami at the time). I only played offline, since I couldn't play online. I then moved to the GameCube version, where I recreated my HUcast, and also made a FOmar. Again, I could only play offline. Reached LV 123 or so with my HUcast.

Over the years, I kept missing out on opportunities to play any iteration of PSO online. By the time I could play Blue Burst online, it shut down....same with Universe. I didn't care much for the Portables, and I just plain missed Zero.

And then, in 2012, I heard that PSO2 was coming. "Another chance to get onboard," I thought--but then there was the eight-year wait...but now it's here, and so am I! FINALLY!!!!

I play a HUcast--I mean, uh....Hunter/Fighter Cast mainly, because I want to carry the spirit of my original character with me into this new experience. I also have a Ranger and a Bouncer. I miss the old race/class naming conventions...they were so unique.

So far, I love the game! Haven't made any friends in-game yet, and no one I know IRL does., so there's no one for me to share this experience with. I typically don't interact with people/communities, but I am taking this chance to put myself out here and engage with this community. I hope to make friends and perhaps join an alliance.

When I don't play PSO, I also do art.

Guess that's it here. Thanks for reading and it's nice to meet you.