Introduce yourself!

Hello, message me any time to play (Ship 1). I like mmos and socializing on them...old Gaia and Fiesta player(outspark). My only experiences with PS are PS Universe for ps2 and I used to date someone who played original pso.

Well, if you've played PSU or any PS, you'll know me as Noob. PSU's version of The Undertaker.

The real name is Jason. I ain't really good at this. So I guess you'll just have to be my friend to know me 🙂

Hello PSO2! I'm excited to play this game after years of waiting. I mainly play FFXIV, but have played many other MMO's over the years. I roam around Ship 3 (Thorn) and am learning the ropes. I am looking to make friends and do great/fun things together!

Hey! I'm Shimus, from Ship 2. Newman Ranger is where it's at for me. The louder the launcher, the more DPS per single shot, the happier I am. I first started in PS02 Japanese Beta (because who doesn't want to play a rocket-launcher wielding badass?), but only got to level 13 or so before they kicked out American IPs for awhile. (oops!) Now, on NA XBOX One I play Ship 2 Ur, at level 75. Mostly, you'll find me gambling in the casino on block 1's Roulette tables, Ruler of the Discs style. I invite one and all on ship 2 to visit my PQ, and enjoy the views and partake in the minigames.

My side hobbies enjoy staring out the Arks windows into space longingly, looking for the next Dark Falz or Luther encounter. Sometimes, I'll spring back and forth on the jump pads scattered about in the Gate Area, or go run circles around Franca. Good times.

Jokes aside, IRL I enjoy anime and video games, grunge music and 90s stuff, and am of an older sort. One never has enough friends; if you think you'd like to chill just hit me up.

I'm wulfy, in game I'm miss Charlotte ra/hu I've been ps games for a long long time and I'm on NA on xbox1, I'm loving every second of the fun and excitement the game brings me and look forward to seeing you all in game

Hello, I'm Novaline.

Just call me Nova, I'm a vet from the JP version of PSO2. I'm currently waiting for the PC version of the game to be released. Other than that, I enjoy playing games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, League of Legends, and watching Youtube in my free time.

I'll be on Ship 1 with a couple of my friends, hope to meet you all there. 😃

Hello, I'm Hiki.

I've been waiting for this version for a long time, I didn't even have any hope left, when microsoft announced i was surprised.

I don't have XBOX one so I'm waiting for the PC version, I heard it will be released in late May, I'm looking forward to playing it. I also play the Japanese version of PSO2 on PS4, if anyone wants to play with me please tell me.

I really like music, anime, manga, games, movies and much more. I really love art, i love singing, dancing, playing piano and much more.

I have autism, it is difficult for me to socialize but i try my best. I hope I can make new friends and have fun playing, bye bye. 😊

@Hiki1989 Hey Hiki, I would love to play with you once the PC version of the game comes out ^^. Currently I'm playing the Xbox Version of the game but I have my grips with it but I'll be switching over for sure.

@Yuria Hey Yuria, thanks for replying, i would love to play PSO2 with you. 😊

I am a digital (horror/dark/NSFW) artist who is spread across several platforms. I enjoy PSO2 otokono fashion (because it is a challenge to pull off.) I play on JP ... a Male (otokono) Newman Summoner as my main, but I also have a Cast Female Ranger and a Human Female Hunter who I play on the daily. I am generally approachable and social, my brother is not lol ... Hopefully, I will make some new friends when PSO2 releases for NA PC.

Hi, I'm not a fan of xb one nor will i be at this rate. I'm a PC gamer and am just biding time until the real version releases. That being said I've been suffering through xb one since closed beta. I'm on ship 1 in team murder-hobos. my only char is Chips F Dewman current levels are SU 75 BR 75 HU 75 RA 57 BO 55 FI 55 GU 50 FO 45 TE 44. Also my team is looking for members.

Hello, I'm Stretcharach (actually announced stret-cur-ack but you can call me stretch). I'm 28 this year and I first came into the PS world with PSIV on emulator about 18 years ago now, it is my all time favorite game to this day(I come back to play through it every couple of years and have a tribute character made for both Alys and Wren, pretty spot-on too, considering the limited outfit customization). In recent years, I've gone back to play through PSI, II, and III and love them all.

I also played a decent amount of PSO on PC though I didn't get far as, by that time, the game was mostly dead. When PSO2 came out in JP I was super excited and got about half-way through setting up a vpn with the fan translated patch but dropped it and decided to wait, for 8 years apparently. I played a glimpse of PSU but that died out after only a couple hours of play.

In recent years I've mainly been playing Rocket League on Xbone, dedicating pretty much all non-work time(I'm fortunate to be considered 'essential') to gaming. April 20th I heard about PSO2 coming out to NA Xbone and immediately downloaded it and have now about 65 hours spread across all characters, solely located on ship 1. Highest level right now is 44 but I've been spending a lot of time familiarizing myself with skills, PAS and the different systems. I feel like I've been grinding a lot of the Story missions but am still in EP 1, I'm enjoying the story thoroughly. I have a friend coming in when PC starts and am currently in no rush to get through to endgame until he's on and at least familiarized.

While I have a keyboard hooked up to my Xbox, I don't have a USB extender so I usually don't talk and just jump in with randos on my FO/TE main.

Hello I am Kenzen or Joe, I am on Ship 2 and leader of Lacuna Cowboys. I been playing PSO since version 1 on Dreamcast. Had both version on GameCube and OG Xbox. Also played way to much of PSU on 360.

I am playing as a Techer/Force to support my friends who havent played much or at all of PSO/PSU. I run a small YouTube trying to figure stuff out and posting videos to help my friends and other new players in anyway I can. I have played a ton of STO on PC and then Xbone. I played PSO2 off and on since it came out on the JP servers, but havent played much.

I cant wait to meet everyone in game and hope to have a tun of fun.

Kitrine is the name at least in the game it is. I'm relatively new to the entire series and found it while looking through browsing the inter webs for new MMO's to play on xbox one. In-Game I was a force user until I decided to change into a Bouncer and sub-class as force. IRL my hobbies include Reading, Parkour, Gaming, Anime, Karate and Computer Programming nothing big just one or two languages. My favorite type of Music is Nightcore and it doesn't have to be of any one genre. If anyone wants to group up hit me up on xbox ship3 with visiphone

Hi, just patiently waiting for the PC release. I played for a very long time on the JP servers, but it got annoying and the latency was terrible.

Played PSO ep 1 and 2 since dreamcast days.