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You can actually change your name in the support menu below character selection, for free(your first account rename, it costs AC after that). I know it was a little strange for me too! You’ll be restricted to names that haven’t been taken by somebody else obviously but at least you get a human name. 🙂

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You can actually change your name in the support menu below character selection, for free(your first account rename, it costs AC after that). I know it was a little strange for me too! You’ll be restricted to names that haven’t been taken by somebody else obviously but at least you get a human name. 🙂

the fun thing is... my bestie started months before me and he never knew that, till I told him (and I discovered it immediatly)

I've been posting in the forum a bit so I'll actually introduce myself. I'm Crittenz on ship 3! A lvl 84 hero that somehow still has no idea what I'm doing. Uhh nice to meet you. I like posting on the forum cause it's great place to get advice and read up on what's going on. ^^

Hi everyone!

Just got registered here on the forums so wanted to say hello. I'm Aaron, aka RubyEclipse, and I'm jumping in temporarily to assist the PSO2 project on the SEGA side. Years back I may have met some of you in PSO1, or even PSU, where I first started as a GM. (If so, I hope you're well!)

The last five or so years I've been running the Sonic Twitter, and despite my best efforts to get fired while running it, SEGA has chosen to keep me on and now I'm heading to Japan soon to help their Social Media efforts on a number of projects.

I have characters on all 4 ships but I play primarily on Ship 2 right now. Nice to meet you all, and nice to see those of you again who have been here since the old days!

@GM-RubyEclipse As a newcomer to the series, I can't say that i'm a familiar face.... but regardless I am familiar with the amount of work you've done for Phantasy Star and the Sonic series and am most definitely excited to see you have a presence again with this franchise!


Bless you for that Sonic Twitter, good stuff

I don't normally introduce myself self like this so I don't normally know what I should be saying. Anyways, I'm Conor or Rehncohro in game and I've been playing on ship 4 since August. I decided to play because I saw the game was on Steam. Although, I really only ever heard of the series in the first place because of the ASCII Keyboard Controller for the Gamecube. 😛

I currently don't go outside much and I spend a lot of my time writing or editing videos. My hobbies other than gaming include watching anime and reading. I also like cats and I have two of them and they are the cutest things ever. :3

Even though I've been a member of the forums since the PC version went live, I never actually made a post here. I'm Amari, that is actually my cosplay OC characters name, I'm a big anime weeb, I own a huge anime collection that has been featured on Anime News Network containing around 1500 anime figures, 400 plushies..wall scrolls..etc..etc. I'm also a huge vocaloid fan, especially Miku and I do animegao cosplay of her, she is my new project that I was hoping to attend cons this year but for obvious reasons, that is on hold but gives me time to master my performance.

I've been a huge gamer since I was 5 years old and I'm actually 45 now, so I've been gaming since really the beginning, and my first exposure to Phantasy Star was the original on the Master System, also I have played PSO, PSOBB and PSU. Also I'm a veteran of the PSO2 server.

I'm also an amateur cosplayer and attend many anime conventions on the East coast/New England and also work on picture editing! Below is a pic of my Hatsune Miku cosplay (this is actually me!) and edit using the Living Universe background from earlier in the year (wish I loved seeing it again btw) I actually wanted to learn the living universe dance and do a performance of that, but health issues has since put all plans on hold for the time being. miku (2).jpg

Kon'nichiwa! I'm "kere". Or "not kere". Or rather "keremaybehere". They're better than a 30-syllable name. I'm from Hawaii, and I'm currently in high school as a senior. I've been vibing with PSO2 since it dropped for free on XB1, and I can't explain how much I'm enjoying it. It's even messing up my hands whenever I play something different on console, like Warframe or DoA6. And I've been playing Warframe for 2k+ hours. So that might say something, it might not.

I'm on Ship 1, running off-meta Force setups, primarily FoBr with an inclination to increasing my DEX score (mostly because I got a 13* gunblade and I REALLY want to use it), but at that point I might as well just be using a melee class instead of a TEC-oriented class. Anyways, I hope that I can learn some stuff here on the forums, and I can't wait to see y'all in-game. 4649

Hello everyone! My name is Addison! I'm 32 and from USA! I'm one of the newer players in PS02 and haven't really played anything in the past except for PSO(?) on PS2 in the past many years ago. I did come on here to play PSO2 PC Release for a short bit but then had to stop due to real life stuff and then afterwards decided to jump on other games. But now, I've been looking for a game and here I am again! Really hoping to get myself into this and stick around long-term and make friends along the way!

@MrAddison Welcome aboard! Good to have you (and all the other new faces) with us. 🙂

Name/Handle: BioMegeBear

What Got You Into PS Series: Sega's Ultimite genisis collection

Fav PSO Race: Neuman

Fav PSO Class: Braver

PS Games Played: PS2 PSO2

PS Fav Weapon: What Ever Works For Me

Game On: Xbox One S

Hobbies: Writing, being a family man

Well, I'm not exactly new to the series but new to this entry. Seems I pick a fine time to finally give PSO2 a day in court. After taking seemnly forever to get the client d/l I got it running, did just enough piddling about to start figuring out what all the char creation stuff does before I got kicked for the server maintinance. Now it s time to go to work. Be back in 10-12 hours and then I'll show you all how you're really supposed to play this game. J/K

I am curious though, how many characters can you make/keep? See you all back here this evening. Same Bot time, same Bot channel.

@AcydBuZZ Welcome to PSO2! You did indeed pick a great time to try it out as a campaign starts today that'll give you an endgame set of weapons and units 😄

As for character creation, you can make 3 free characters and then pay for additional ones (believe the current max is 30). However, keep in mind that you pay for the new characters themselves and not an additional character slot. So if you make a 4th character and then delete it, you won't be able to make another 4th character unless you pay again.

Hello everyone! I'm not new to Phantasy Star, but I am new to this forum and this series of Ps02.

It was one of my old childhood games when I played over 10 years ago!

My character name is sean893, in Ship 4. I could say even though I am enjoying this game at the beginning, I quickly realized that one of the main things that forced me to play slow is that as a DPS person (Hunter), there are no healers in my party and even though I could purchase healing items, they are limited.

The last two times I did dish out heavy damage to bosses, but I got incapacitated 3 times. Eventually I feel I was forced to settle in for a Ranger class, with a less-risk less-reward playstyle. Without a healer, I have to switch to becoming a ranged-class person just trying to avoid taking damage here and there without being able to hone in my beloved Hunter class, especially in the late stage levels. Not something I would want...ouch.

(Yes, I am struggling hard right now)

Looking for new friends! This is my first day of PS02!